Political Science 250 Comparative Government and Politics

Friedrich Hayek & John Maynard Keynes

Friedrich Hayek & John Maynard Keynes

Political Science 250 provides a comparative, analytical, and theoretical study of political cultures, government institutions, and political processes from selected regions of the world. It is not as simple as studying the various structures of differing governmental models from around the world; although that is a component of the course. But more so, many of the theories, concepts and systems that comprise the study of International Relations must be understood within this course in order to assess how various government, and forms of government, respond and react to these existing and ongoing variables. Concepts, such as, “the State”, nationalism, political-economy, culture, communism and socialism will all be discussed to create a foundation of understanding. This foundation will assist students when they begin understanding the mechanics of contrasting governmental systems.

At the conclusion of the semester, students will be able to speak knowledgeably of these subjects as well as the particular components and dynamics of a selected number of governmental models.


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