Political Science 150 American and California Government

United States Capitol BuildingPolitical Science 150 is an introductory course that seeks to establish a foundation and basis of understanding of American government. The course will cover various elements and dynamics of American democracy, the institutional and practical linkage between citizens and their government, and the roles and functions of the individual governmental institutions. A portion of the course will be devoted to understanding California State government and its relationship with the federal government.

Students will be able to speak knowledgeably of the following subjects: the United States Constitution, federalism, public opinion and the role of news media in government, political parties and interest groups, elections, campaign finance, congress, the presidency, the judiciary, contrasting political theories and American democratic values in general. The learning process should sharpen and refine the students’ ability to understand everyday news and current events relating to the overall governmental structure in the United States. Student participation in discussion is deemed necessary to enhance learning and allows for continued development of individual speaking and oratory skills. In addition, the exchange of political opinions and experiences is vital to gaining a well rounded understanding of issues that exist across the political spectrum.


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